Fiji’s must-try culinary adventures

By 14 February 2019 Blog
Fiji’s must-try culinary adventures

It’s said that a nation’s culture is most truly expressed in its home life and in its food – and Fiji is no different. Thousands of years of the Fijian peoples’ life, experience, and adaptability are expressed in a myriad of dishes found around the island. Whether you prefer a five-star resort restaurant or a meal cooked at home with love, the best way to get to know Fiji is by eating it.


Between the late 1800s and the early twentieth century, Fiji’s sugarcane plantations were worked by Indian immigrants, brought over by the colonising British. In the century since then, Indo-Fijian curries have become a staple of Fijian home life. Island-style chicken, goat, and fish curries differ subtly from their Indian cousins, but are no less delicious. Try one of Fiji’s acclaimed resort restaurants to get the best on offer.


Palusami is a traditional dish found throughout the Pacific islands, though each nation does it slightly differently. In Fiji, dalo (taro) leaves are wrapped around a delicious filling of onions, tomatoes, and thick coconut cream, then layered together in a dish and baked until cooked through and absolutely delicious.

Nama salad

On those days you just can’t stand the thought of something warm, there’s nama salad to keep you eating and loving island life. Made with fresh vegetables and sea grapes, nama salad is unlike any salad you’ve ever eaten before – much like the rest of your Fijian food adventure.


It’s hardly an article about Fijian food if it doesn’t include kokoda, Fiji’s answer to ceviche. Plump white kingfish is mixed with lime juice and left to cook in the acid, then combined with coconut milk, coriander, and more lime juice for a fresh, creamy entrée that will change the way you think about island eating. Find it served with cassava chips at your local restaurant.