Plantation Island Resort - Accommodation - Wifi


Complimentary limited WiFi is now available at the following locations.

Please note this is low-speed WiFi which will allow you to check emails, social media, browse websites, download pictures and view low res videos.
Connect to the Plantation Resort Free Wifi network.

If you require higher-speed WiFi or WiFi in your room, you can purchase this online with a credit card or voucher purchased from Reception via our Guest Paid WiFi system. Connect to the Plantation Island Resort Guest network.

Complimentary WiFi locations:

  1. Tavola Arrival Bure, Restaurant, Bar, Pool and Coco Lailai
  2. Black Coral Bar and Restaurant (inside and outside)
  3. Copra Restaurant and Brigham Bar (bar area only)
  4. Coco Hut area (Infront)
  5. Boatshed building, Minimart & Activities area and the Beachfront between the Boatshed and Copra Restaurant.
  6. 40mtrs in front of the Beachfront Bures from the old Jetty.