Community & Environment

At Plantation Island Resort, the community we live in and the environment we prosper under are of utmost importance to us.

 Our mission is to protect the Fijian way of life and preserve the natural beauty of this beautiful country. We have implemented a number of initiatives to do so and have many more in the pipeline, we are proud to share these with you.

Plantation Island - Loyalty Program - Animals Fiji

Trap Neuter Release (TNR) Program

Every 6 – 12 months, Plantation Island Resort works with local charity Animals Fiji and our neighbours Lomani Island Resort and Musket Cove Island Resort, to conduct a Trap Neuter Release (TNR) program to de-sex the stray cat population on Malolo Lailai Island.

The TNR program allows us to de-sex all our resident cats and feed them every morning + night to keep them happy, healthy and they will help us keep rodents at the Resort in check.

Animals Fiji do fantastic work for animals in need. Please donate to this wonderful charity by clicking:

Plantation Island - Loyalty Program - No Straws

Plantation Island Bans Plastic Straws

On 10 October 2018, Plantation Island Resort banned all plastic straws at the property and would only offer an environmentally friendly paper straw alternative on a request basis.

This initiative alone has prevented approximately 130,000 straws entering our oceans every year.

Plantation Island - Loyalty Program - Plastic Bag

Plantation Island Bans Plastic Shopping Bags

On 1 April 2019, Plantation Island Resort banned all plastic shopping bags at the property.

Plantation Island Resort provides each guest with a re-usable shopping bag to use during their holiday and each Plantation Island staff member receives a re-usable shopping bag to use while they are working on Malolo Lailai Island.

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